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How to Reduce Cellulite for the Perfect Bikini Body

How to Reduce Cellulite for the Perfect Bikini Body

Cellulite — the common enemy of women everywhere. It’s the dimpled skin that forms when fatty tissue deep in the epidermis pushes up against connective tissues in our bodies and it naturally develops around the areas where we carry our extra fatty tissue. More than 85% of all women over the age of 21 have or will develop cellulite at some point due to factors as simple as age, estrogen levels, and family history. 

Having cellulite does not impact your overall health — it is simply cosmetic. However, many people don’t like the way it looks and seek ways to reduce its appearance. And while there are many contributing factors we cannot control — some we can and there are several ways to rid yourself of cellulite and prevent it from forming in the first place. 



Inflammation and increased fatty tissues can add to the development of cellulite. Be sure to eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants to fight off free radicals and reduce inflammation. The less fatty tissue on your body the less cellulite you’ll have. 


Muscle mass helps burn fat. If you’re looking to minimize cellulite and body fat, it’s important to build muscle. Training lower body muscles like glutes and quads are often effective techniques to help lessen cellulite production around hips, thighs, and bottoms. 


As we age our skin loses collagen and that can help give rise to cellulite. You can combat this by adding a collagen supplement to your daily routine. Not only will it aid in reducing cellulite, but it will also give you healthier hair, skin, and nails and reduce signs of aging. 


Production of cellulite is enhanced by poor circulation and inadequate lymphatic drainage. Massage is a great tool to deal with these issues when done consistently. The act of massage can help increase blood flow and stimulate drainage of lymph nodes while also stretching out the skin to help limit dimpling. The best way to make sure you keep up with regular massage is to get a personal massager to use at home — like this one ( from Lumina NRG that offers hot and cold settings for cellulite reduction. 


A simple addition that can help enhance the effectiveness of your massage are topical treatments. There are many different creams, gels, and other products that are marketed to be cellulite reducing — but you’ll have best results when using these treatments in conjunction with massage. Try a formula that includes caffeine ( to help tighten and smooth the skin. 

We believe any body type can rock a bikini — but if you’re self conscious about donning one yourself then it may be worthwhile to check out these cellulite remedies. With some consistent effort you can get smooth skin you’re excited to show off at the beach! Let us know about your results in the comments below. 

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