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How to Elevate Your Morning Skincare Routine

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How to Elevate Your Morning Skincare Routine
Ahh, yes! The freshness of January. Even though the month is already well underway, the year is barely started so there’s a certain feeling of freshness in the air. It’s like a blank slate. A freshly cleaned white board. The first day of school! Anything is possible. We can improve ourselves. We can upgrade our lives. We can use that feeling of everything being new to our advantage and forge new habits that will hopefully have lasting benefits and effects. One place to make some changes for good this year could be with your skincare. Read on for three tips on how you can elevate your morning routine for a more radiant new year!
  • Start Your Routine the Night Before.
You already know the importance of getting 7 - 10 hours of sleep a night -- why not let your skin soak up some essentials during that time? A night mask is a simple way to deliver a whopping amount of hydration to your face while you catch some z’s. Many of the most popular drugstore cosmetic brands are starting to sell their own iteration on the night mask. Each brand utilizes different ingredients to achieve different results. There’s brightening masks for dull skin, firming masks for sagging skin, cleansing masks for acne and blackhead prone skin, and hydrating masks for dry skin! Think of it as leave in conditioner but for your skin. Talk about beauty sleep!
  • Try Dry Body Brushing.
Ayurveda is an ancient holistic method of treating the body that dates back 3,000 years! It comes from India and is based on the theory that the mind, body, and spirit are all connected and, thus, optimal health and beauty comes from aligning them. Ayurveda includes a bevy of detoxification processes -- like dry body brushing! This is when you take a dry brush made with firm bristles and rub it on your dry skin in circular motions. Ideally, you’d want to start from your feet and work your way up the body. This is beneficial to your skin for a few reasons. First, it sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal fresh, youthful looking skin below. This eradicates dull skin and gives you a radiant glow. The second benefit of dry body brushing is that it’s reported to help increase the drainage from your lymph nodes -- an important part of the immune system. Good lymph health is great for your overall health which in turn is great for healthy skin!
  • Switch out your moisturizer for a face oil.
Face oils have been hitting the market and their fans are raving. How could it be? Wouldn’t putting oil on your face increase your zits? Actually, quite the opposite! Fans of this beauty trend swear by its ability to banish blemishes of all kinds -- like pimples, blackheads, rashes, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. Skin oils are also ideal for relieving dry skin and may even help protect your skin from sun damage and signs of aging. Wow! Could it get any better? Yes! Face oils are loved by beauty professionals as a primer for make-up -- increasing the staying power of all your favorite products! Simple yet powerful! Face oils come in a variety of formulations so you can get the skin you’re dreaming of no matter what your complexion is like.
Have you tried any of these tips for yourself? Did you notice any great results? Let us know in the comments -- we’d love to hear what you have to say!