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4 Tips to change your skincare routine with the seasons

4 Tips to change your skincare routine with the seasons

Seasons change, and so does your skin! It’s important to change up your skincare routine according to the seasons. Warm summers and harsh winters all affect your skin in different ways. In order to maintain your skin glowing year-round, let’s discuss how we can mix up your skin routine to adapt to the seasons. 

  • No Heavy Duty Cleaning 

  • During the spring and summer months, our skin produces more oil due to the increase in temperature and humidity. However, as the temperature drops during fall and winter, so your skin’s oil production. It’s important to realize that during cold weather, our skin tends to dry out and shouldn’t be washed as much to preserve your skin’s natural oils.

    2) Take shorter and colder showers.

    Everyone loves to shower, but taking long showers is terrible for your skin. During warmer months, try taking cold-short showers to keep your skin radiant throughout the summer. The cold showers keep your skin from losing moisture and helps promote healthy blood circulation. 

    3) More Moisture

    To combat those harsh winter months, purchase a heavier moisturizer to help your skin maintain its moisture through the winter months. Overnight moisturizers are a must to avoid dull, dry skin during fall and winter. Also, try a Vitamin C serum too, after you shower to give your skin an extra hydration boost. 

    4) Omega-3 

    Taking an Omega-3 supplement does wonders for your hair and skin. Omega-3 is a fatty acid usually found in foods like walnuts, seafood, and fatty fish. Omega-3 does wonders for the body and helps your skin fight against acne, sun damage, and itchy skin. Start taking an Omega-3 supplement year-round to keep your skin glowing!

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