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Anti-Aging Facial Infuser - Cream Booster - Lumina NRG

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Anti-Aging Cream Booster Facial Infuser

This is where beauty meets science. The Anti-Aging Cream Booster Facial Infuser reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing the power of your favorite products! It harnesses the power of gentle sonic waves to create a revolutionary, non-invasive, anti-aging tool that better penetrates and treats the top-most layers of skin where damage is most visible!


  • Reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles
  • Triples the skin’s absorption of skincare products
  • Key ingredients work immediately instead of evaporating
  • Uses sonic waves to open and close pores
  • Hot and cold options to open and close pores

How the Anti-Aging Facial Infuser Works

The heated and cooling options work to open and close pores, thereby tripling product absorption and pushing your favorite products deep into the layers of the skin for nearly instant results.

How to Use the Anti-Aging Facial Infuser

Each treatment takes just 2 1/2  minutes and the facial infuser device will turn off automatically. You are on your way to amping up your skincare, and best of all, your results!


Apply your favorite product of your choice onto clean skin, a few spots on the face.


Press the power button to power on. To change the modes, you will need to press on the power button. First mode: heat. Second mode: heat with sonic vibration. Third mode: cryo. Fourth mode: cryo with sonic vibration.


Once you choose the mode, gently move the facial infuser device in a circular, upward motion all over the face.