LED Sonic Infuser Wand - luminanrg
LED Sonic Infuser Wand - luminanrg

    LED Sonic Infuser Wand



      Stimulates cell renewal, making excess skin tight and supple again. The Sonic Infuser Wand harmonizes the benefits of three sources of energy: Ultrasonic vibration, 2 colors of LED light energy, and Thermal/Cryotherapy. The powerful combination of these energy sources creates a safe and painless result. 



      RED LED light therapy (620-730 nm wavelength) 



      Red LED stimulates cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look. That helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles and treats signs of aging.



      Thermal Therapy: 



      - Increases blood circulation - opens the pores to achieve maximum absorption from your favorite skincare products. 



      Blue light (430-450 nm wavelength) 



      BLUE LED light therapy penetrates the top layer under the skin surface, it will improve acne and prevent breakouts by killing the acne-causing bacteria. Blue LED will also treat inflammation.






      -Tightens the skin and shrinks pores - improves skin texture and reduces inflammation.



      Sonic Vibration 



      Sonic waves will infuse nutrients deep into skin layers and leave you with radiant, healthy-looking skin while delivering relaxing facial massage.